BEWARE followers: Rant ahead (about personal life).

I know I don’t know many of you but I feel safe in venting here.

I’m tired of having fake ass friends that just use me and leave me behind as if I don’t mean a thing.  I need new friends…..I’m done with the people in my life (with the exception of my bestie who lives thousands of miles from me but we make it work but I never get to talk to her because she has health issues that keep in her the hospital all the time now).  I just needed to get this out.  

I need new friends who appreciates, my likes, dislikes, opinion, value me as a person and will not make fun of me for liking things like movies, music, or being a part of certain fandoms that I’m PROUD to be a part of like 30 Seconds to Mars, or anything Marvel related.  Since when is it not okay to be a woman who likes Marvel? Or why is it not okay to flip out over people I find attractive? (Sebastian Stan - can I get an amen? which you would think they would “fangirl” with me but noooooo).  Well poo on you because I’m done.  I don’t need you to put me down, I do that enough myself.  Thanks.

Now I’m sad…

Rant over